Covid-19 also know as Coronavirus. This virus needs no introduction. As we all know this virus affected our life. We can’t go out from our home. It came from Wuhan capital of central China. First-ever coronavirus was traced in November ,19, 2019. From that day cases are increasing. And today a lot of countries suffering from these diseases. The saddest thing is that there is no cure for these diseases. Doctors trying to find a cure for the disease but they are failing. In India first came on Jan 30, 2020 in kerala. Day after it came in Italy. And if we compare the cases of Italy with India its almost nil. There are two reasons why Italy have more cases than india because every year over 4 million peoples visit china and second they did not follow the social distancing. But today America having more number of cases than any other country. They did not taken this virus seriously and not taken any immediate action. Now they are having over 24 lakhs+ corona positive people. Today this virus has taken life of more than 4.5 lakh people across the world.

Face Masks

Face mask is very important for you. Whenever you go outside you should always wear face masks. We don’t know who is infected with this virus.Never remove from face mask until you reach your home.


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I am proud to be Indian because our Prime Minister Narendra Modi taken this virus very seriously. They immediately taken action that how to dealt with this virus. As this virus not spread more so He declared lockdown all over the Country. This step taken by him so that no more increase. First they announced cases on 24 March 2020 for 21 days. After 21 day lockdown when we not see any major recovery and also cases are still keep on increasing. So Prime Minister decided to extend it to 3 May 2020.Lockdown means no shops will open only daily essential goods shop will open like Chemists, vegetables shop, milk etc. Also no Buses, Trains will run. No flights will cancelled. It means you are locked to your home and you should stay in home until this virus spread stops. This will affect our lives. We have to work from home.

Hand Sanitizer

You should use Hand sanitizer from time to time. It doesn’t matter which brand you use. Whenever you go outside sanitize your hand. And when you came back to home you should wash your hands from soap or sanitize your hands. Sanitizer keeps bacteria and viruses away from you.Sanitizer doesn’t guarantee that it keeps away you from Coronavirus but it reduces the chances of being infected with the coronavirus.


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Government deposited money into account of poor peoples who work daily and hardly earn money to fulfill their basic needs. Government also released a PM care fund so that people can donate to this fund and government can help poor peoples. As a result lot of people donated in huge amount . Rata tata donated 1500 crores, Akshay kumar donated 25 crores, Sachin Tendulkar donated 50 lacs and a lot of other celebrities donated. Lot of people still donating. So it is good that people are coming forward to help in this difficult situation.

Government also launched Aarogya setu App to aware us about Coronavirus symtoms. This apps asks some basic details like if we feel any symtoms of this virus. And we should maintain social distancing, wash our hands at regular intervals, if we go out we should keep hand rubbing alcohol-based sanitizer with us and most importantly always wear masks when we go out. In this tough situation we should our heroes. This app also informs us that is there any coronavirus cases around our area or not.

Police who working 24 hours so that virus will not spread and also our doctors who risking their lives and trying to save lives of patient who is suffering from this dangerous virus.

But still situation is not in control. In India, Maharashtra is one of the state having most of the cases. According to stats cases in Maharashtra crosses over  1.5Lakhs.

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